Friday, January 18, 2019

Science Fair, International Day, and Rodeo Art oh my.......

Oh my, what a great week at the Creek.  The students have been busy sharing and learning!  Kinder had a weather man, parent Mr. Zappe, SBISD police officer came to share safety guidelines with students, PreK shared with prospective parents, and Student Council worked hard to prepare for International Day and Kindness month (February).  We've completed so much!

Rodeo Art - Congratulations to Christine Cai (3rd Grade), Julia Wolf (5th grade),  Molly Melancon (2nd grade) and Heidi Dittoe (4th grade) who were sent to the Spring Branch Show.  Molly's "Rainbow Farm" and Heidi's "Prickly Pear Predicament made it to the SBISD Finals and Big Congrats to Heidi Dittoe for being awarded the Gold Medal.  We are so fortunate to have Mrs. Koy and an outstanding art program at RCE!

Science Fair - Again, amazing projects lined the hallways.  The students worked so hard to show their Science knowledge.  The projects were well done and came from a variety of experiments.  As I walk through the hallway I love to see the ones that are so elementary student-focused - this year the bandaid tests caught my eye.  Now I know which brand to purchase. All of the projects were outstanding and well presented.
PreK - Avery Phelan (Flower Power) placed 1st, Uriah Vavasour & Wes Ballenger (Will It Float or Sink?) placed 2nd and Qadan Pina (Volcano) placed 3rd.
Kinder - Joel Payne (How can I make my spinning top last the longest?) placed 1st, Luke Jackson and Jacob Hobson (Hot Cocoa) placed 2nd and Sophia Lugo (Fizzy Fun!) placed 3rd.  Madeline Bayliss won the Most topical project Award with Is a Bedtime snack bad for my teeth?
First Grade - Olivia McKnight (The Battle of the Band Aids) placed first, Cate Moore (Bags) placed 2nd and William Henry (Penny Cleaners) placed 3rd. 
Second Grade - Rianna Lee and Alya Dundar (How to make plastic out of milk) placed 1st, Kylie Yu and Hannah Lumpkin (Cupcakes) placed 2nd, and Sloane Walton and Caroline Cooper (Germs on Hands) placed 3rd.  Leonardo Cicchini-Rojas (Can Light Bend?) won the Out of the box thinker award.
Third Grade - Jacques Gillespie and Juliet(1st grade) Gillespie (CSI Rummel Creek) placed 1st, Mei Mei Wright (Wood and Water) placed 2nd and Kimberly Koch (How much Sugar is in That?) placed 3rd.  Dylan Odom (Homemade batteries ) won the Best executed award and Ella Moore (does running impact children's memory) won the Forward Thanking Award.
Fourth Grade - Issy Pham and Sophia Judd (Electricity in Vegetables and fruit) placed 1st, Carter Maedgen and Tyler Roberts (Diaper Dilemma) placed 2nd and Liam Schultz (What's the best way to wash your hands) placed 3rd.
Fifth Grade - Andrew Lumpkin and Jackson Hotz (Acidic Tooth Decay) placed 1st, Eli Roberts and Lawson Gay (Hydro-electric Generator) placed 2nd and John Vianney Lee and Lorenzo Brichford (Harry Potter Wand - Circuit) placed 3rd.
All of the projects were amazing!

International Day was Friday.  Many International parents shared about their countries.  It was a wonderful day spent learning about countries around the world!  The students and teachers learned so much and enjoyed traveling around the world!  A huge thank you to our lead parents:  Mary Carvalho, Stephanie Moeneclaey-Gillespie, Tracey Brunero, Karina Morales, Gabriela Arreola, Anya Gorshkova-Smith, Hyunji Ko, Linda Tognini,  Kerlyng Cecchini, Virginia Rodriguez Perlado, Gulia Preng, Monika Moore, Zorica Cvetkovic-Bjelivuk, Sunit Nair, Fan and Huiman Willa Liao, Kim Ferradino, and Dorrie Wei.  The day could not have been better!

Enjoy your long weekend!  See you on Tuesday!

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