Monday, May 27, 2019

2018-19 Is In the Books

The halls are empty.  The cafeteria is silent.  Even the playground is is quiet.  A few teachers are cleaning out their rooms, moving to their new spaces for next year.  2018-19 is finished!  The year has flown by.  This last week, flew by so fast, we couldn't keep up (hence this late posting - I couldn't keep up!)

Each May I reflect back on the year - this year is no different.  We had an amazing 5th grade class that blew the STAAR test out of the water.  (We don't have any other scores yet!).  At fifth grade graduation we had three group of students to receive academic achievement!  WOW!  Our KRCE crews this year took us to the next level with weekly Friday Feature Movies created by students and featuring students!  The productions this year rocked the boat - from Nutcracker, to How Does Your Garden Grow, to our new 2nd grade play It's a Hit!  With every event, the students and teachers moved the mark up one (or two or three) notches higher.  We'll have to push hard next year to keep up with all we accomplished!

So - even though it's summer - I have a few challenges for the the RCE Roadrunners - these challenges will push us up another notch next year -
*****READ!  Spend a little time each day anything - a magazine, a novel...try lengthen the time you spend in a book each day.
******Do a little math each day - you still have access to Imagine Math and Dream Box.  Log in and keep your math in check over the summer.
******Swim, play, have some free time....enjoy a day without a schedule
******Spend time with your family and friends - and turn off your devices!  Talk to your friends!  Make the time you spend with them important.
******Turn off technology.....have some tech free time- draw, write, create with out tech!  Your brain will thank you.
Most of all make the most of the time you have off this summer!

Now - here's the last week of school activities:

Monday started off with PreK (Hansen's) Eric Carle play.

The week continued with PreK Water Day!  Thank you parents for making the day so fun.

Third Grade had market day.  The students were very creative with their items to sell.  One of my favorites was the marshmallow launcher !  Their design was amazing.  All of the students did an outstanding job and learned about financial literacy!

Thursday was the full day.  Kindergarten graduation started the day, followed by the Senior Walk, and ended with fifth grade graduation.  The parking lot never emptied the whole day.  The Senior Walk is one of my favorite new traditions we have started in our new building.  Seeing past students walk in in their robes excited about their future brings smiles and tears.  It's so wonderful to see how well the Rummel Creek students have done throughout their career in SBISD.  I always love to hear their stories and look forward to seeing where they go in the future.  (Hopefully some of them will drop by and share their stories!)

Friday brought the Character without Question reception and Spirit Rally.  I am so glad that we recognize outstanding students at RCE.  Fifth graders were so excited when 12:00 came and they were finally able to "Boogie Down Brittmorre."  One more class joins the tradition!

Here are links to the Spirit Rally Videos
Video 1 - Character with out question
Video 2 - Choir
Video 3 - Teacher competition
Video 4 - Rockin'Roadrunners - 1
Video 5 - Rockin'Roadrunners - 2

As I finish out this last blog for the school year, I am tired (ready for the summer break), excited (already planning for next year), and tearful (sad to see several students and staff move away from RCE, sad to see the fifth grade class move on to MS, and sad to see the year close out.).  But as I look back over this year we had so many wonderful experiences - so many things to be thankful for - so many blessings in our Rummel Creek bubble.  I am thankful to be a part of this marvelous community where just like Lake Wobegon, created by Garrison Keillor, always ended with " Well, that the news ....where all of the women are strong, all of the men are good-looking, and all of the children are above average."

Have a wonderful summer!

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