Friday, October 13, 2017

An amazing two weeks

Somehow last Friday I forgot to write the weekly blog, well, actually the training was so exciting that I ran out of time.  So this week....a little extra long!

We had Dot Day at RCE.  The Dot Day art projects are found on the windows of the Library and on the bulletin board in the front hallway.  Such fun sharing the book "The Dot" by Peter Reynolds.

Last week students and dads enjoyed a morning of "Donuts with Dad".  The courtyard was filled with students and dads visiting and eating donuts.  So glad the weather was good and we could be outside.

It's the middle of October and we're just now switching out our KRCE crew.  September crew was fabulous and now we're watching the October crew step up and take their place!  Training week is CRAZY in KRCE!

This week we have a new Roving Reporter - Kendall Davis - she has two videos this week - one will share a "normal" broadcast and the other is one of interviewing students.  Enjoy.  We also have a link to last weeks video by Jack Cashin.  Hope you enjoy these movies and you can see a little of what goes on in a week at RCE!
Roving Reporter - Jack Cashin
Roving Reporter - Kendall Davis

The Watch Dogs are back on the Rummel Creek campus.  So glad to have the dads back to help out in the classrooms.  The dads make a big difference at Rummel Creek and the children love having their dads at school!

It's been two weeks of being a receiver.  Often RCE is the school that gives and gives and gives.  This week, Rummel Creek received 23 boxes of books from Holland Elementary in Pennsylvania to help students rebuild their home libraries.  Each book has a note from a student to one of our students.  An amazing gift to receive.  It has been fun unboxing the books and reading the notes.  All the notes are written with love and concern for the students at RCE.

Another gift, this time from a school in Kentucky, is a painting sending good thoughts and wishes to the students at RCE.  It is such a nice feeling to know others around the US are thinking of the students at RCE.  

Finally, Student Council's Food Drive for our Sister School Sherwood.  So far we have collected 777 cans and packages.  777 items surpassed our first challenge of 750 items!  Way to go Roadrunners.  We are still accepting food in the library through Thursday for the Food Pantry in Spring Branch. Just drop off what you have in the Library.  Thank you for your generous gifts of food for others!

As you can see....RCE is a very busy place!!!!

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