Friday, March 9, 2018

Just hours until Spring Break!

I don't know who is more excited about Spring Break - Students or Teachers!  This week has been such a busy week with very strange schedules....hopefully, after Spring Break we'll get back into the routine.
We had Voting on Tuesday, Class Photos on Wednesday, an author (Natalie Lloyd) on Wednesday pm, First Grade's play - How Does Your Garden Grow -, Hands-on Science and a Choir concert - It was an amazing week.

Last Saturday night, a group of the Rummel Creek choir members performed for the Kids' Reading Room Gala.  They did an amazing job sharing their voices, recorders, and ukeleles.  The Kids' Reading Room is a special room set up for children in apartments in north Spring Branch.  They are able to come to the rooms and read books.  Mrs. Trish Schappell, former RCE teacher, and iCoach is the founder.  Rummel Creek families continue to support Mrs. Schappell through donations of books and time volunteering.  Reading is fundamental - something that we here at RCE know, however, students in north Spring Branch do not come from literacy-rich homes.  Mrs. Schappell is making a difference in children's lives.

From the March Choir Concert

Thanks to Watch Dogs who watched over our campus during voting.  We enjoyed seeing their smiling faces.  Voting went smoothly and as always it was fun to see familiar faces from the past in the library.  So much fun to catch up with former students and parents.

Author, Natalie Lloyd, entertained students in grades 3, 4 & 5.  Her newest book is "Problim Children".  It is the first book in a series about a family of 7 children with unique characteristics.   Her last book was on the 2017-18 Bluebonnet list, The Key to Extraordinary.

First Grade's play, How Does Your Garden Grow, is always a fun time in the Spring.  "Herb, the "H" is silent is almost as memorable as the Nutcracker, "If I do say so myself."  The students did a wonderful job preparing for this show.

We're finishing up the Healthy Lifestyles Competition at RCE.  The students have worked hard...but...just because the competition is over doesn't mean we can't stay healthy.  In the Spring the weather is so nice - so ride a bike or take a walk.  Soon it will be time for water sports!  Eat healthily.  Testing season is upon us and eating a well-rounded breakfast is good for the brain.  Everything we learned during the Healthy Lifestyle Competition can be used every day for the rest of your lives.  Be Healthy.   Congratulations to Mrs. Demeris' fifth-grade class.  They did a fabulous job of recording their activities.

Chess team is busy!  Learning new skills each Thursday afternoon in the library.

It's that Spring time of the year when you look at the fifth-grade students about to walk out the walls of RCE to the great big world.  This week I caught 2 fifth graders going above and beyond.   Well - actually a few....the KRCE crew gets here early to work on the show.  This week they have made movies, performed skits and been very flexible.  If you look closely at the photos you'll see how they have their different scripts ready to pull out.  I love knowing that they are thinking ahead and prepared.  The Roadrunner News crew is quick on making videos  - hopefully, soon we'll have their website updated and ready to share.  Enjoy a little creativity by the KRCE crew...

Link to video 1    video 2

Well - it's the end of a LONG week - Spring Break is just hours away.  Students are being checked early to catch planes to far away places.  Have a wonderful Spring Break.  Rest. Read. or do whatever makes you happy.  Stay Safe.  Enjoy your family time.  See you after Spring Break!

Friday, March 2, 2018

Another week skipped -

Last week was such a busy week, I didn't get time to blog it out.  So hopefully memory will be strong and a snapshot of the week can be shared.  This week was busy - just not too many photos.

Last weekend, Rummel Creek was represented by 43 students in Odyssey of the Mind Competition in Waller, TX.  The teams were excited and practiced their performances in the cafeteria on Wednesday afternoon.  Saturday was the competition day.  All of the teams did really well in the competition.  The primary teams are exhibition only - but they did a great job.  It's wonderful to see the young students learning about Odyssey of the Mind and using their creativity.  Both 5th-grade teams advanced to OM State Tournament.   The vehicle problem - Triathlon Travels - won sixth place, and the balsa wood problem - Animal House - won 5th place.  Our 3rd-grade team - Emoji - missed the State Competition by only one place.  Our highest scored team, the 4th grade - Stellar Hangout - was in competition with 20 other teams or they would have moved on to state.  All in all the students put forth their best effort and represented RCE well.  Can't wait to see how the State Competition goes - students have time to rework and rewrite their problems.   Mrs. Harn greeted all of the students and gave them a bag of goodies to wish them well on Friday.   Students are building memories and friendships.

February 21st was 100's day for Kindergarten (and the rest of us).  I always love the creativity of decorating a t-shirt with 100 items for the parade.  The kindergarten students were soooo excited - they even were able to parade upstairs!  It may be that we have completed 100 days of school - but we have a long way to go before summer vacation.
Enjoy the Animoto of all of the Kinder classes parading through the school.  Animoto..  

Friday was also Go Texan Day!  Rummel Creek has always had a fun day dancing and dressing in our western clothing.  This year we added fiddlers and stations...I think the students had a fun day celebrating their Texas heritage!

We are in the middle of the Healthy Roadrunners program.  Students have been learning about eating healthy and taking care of their minds and bodies.  These are good things to put to good use during the "Testing Season" at RCE.  A healthy mind and body will help students do exceptional on the tests we take during the spring months.   Flu season is still with us - next week students will learn about washing hands to be healthy.

This week has been a LONG week - practice STAAR.  Students in grades 3, 4 & 5 were able to show what they know.  

We are in "Testing Season" be sure your children get a good night's rest, eat a good healthy breakfast and prepare their minds for taking the tests.   Rummel Creek students are well prepared for the state tests - just have to get through the hoops.

Spring Break is just around the corner....and so is March Book Madness - so much fun as they vote for favorite books to move through the bracket.  This year we started with titles that RCE teachers recommend every student read before they leave elementary school.

Not too many photos from this week as students were involved in testing.  We are all so excited to see the sun out so we can have recess OUTSIDE!
WatchDogs are back on the campus.  Students love having their dads at RCE especially for recess!

Next week brings voting on Tuesday and class photos on Wednesday.  Visiting author, Natalie Lloyd, will be at RCE on Wednesday afternoon.  Looks like it will be a busy week just before Spring Break!
Enjoy the weather, the rodeo and time with your families this weekend.

Friday, February 16, 2018

Rain, Boosterthon and Valentine's Day....oh my!

Didn't get anything posted last week, so here goes a long post and tons of photos.  (some of the links go to folder with pictures.)

Last week we had Rummel Creek parent, Mr. Friend, share with Fifth Grade about being a Torch Bearer for the Olympics.  It was so cool to hear about his trip in December to Korea.  Students were fortunate to see and touch the torch.  The Fifth Grade Roadrunner News crew took a chance to interview Mr. Friend!  Fifth graders will remember the torch for a lifetime.

We also were fortunate to have an author, Obert Skye, on Friday for grades 3, 4 and 5.  Blue Willow Bookshop sponsored the visit.  Obert Skye has a new book, Geeked Out.  Such a fun graphic novel!  Obert shared with the students how to write a story.  We spent an hour laughing and learning.  Thank you, Blue Willow, for a fabulous morning.

We have seen so much rain and cloudy skies over the past few weeks.  Recess seems like a small thing....but when you are inside for a week or more the few minutes you are outside is important!

Even the Boosterthon Fun Run had to be moved to the gym!  But how fun it was in the Gym!  The lights were turned down, and the music was turned up.  Students had so much cheering for one another as they rounded the track over and over.

The PGP students have been learning about the brain all year.  Dr. Jerry Blacklock, a child's grandfather, and local brain surgeon spent an afternoon sharing all about the brain with the first and second-grade students.  The afternoon flew by as Dr. Blacklock fielded questions and explained how the brain works.  A fabulous afternoon of learning.

Rummel Creek has 43 students involved in Odyssey of the Mind.  This week and again next week we will have practice runs in the cafeteria on Wednesday after school.  The children have worked so hard to create their projects.  Competition is on February 24th in Waller at Waller HS.

Pam Wichmann, teacher extraordinaire, is the Rummel Creek Teacher of the Year!  Congratulations to Pam - such an important faculty member at RCE!

Valentine's Day is very special.  Students love to receive the Valentine card and gifts.  Fifth grade students set the bar high with their creative boxes.

Third-grade biographies are all around the building.  The students did a great job of sharing the special people they researched.

A local dentist shared good dental hygiene with the primary students.  She entertained and educated students on what kind of candy to eat, how to brush their teeth, and what to do for good dental health.  She was a fabulous speaker (even after Valentine's  day!)

It's finally Friday!  Friday brought Reading Buddies to the library as the students worked together to write books.  It's so much fun to watch the two grade levels work together to produce a product!

Fifth Grade Student Council is now in the recycling business.  After a few years of vacation, Student Council is back in the collection business - every Friday at 11:00 we'll be filling the recycle bins!

Oh my.....what a busy two glad for an extended weekend!  Enjoy your Monday holiday.'s ready to rock and roll on Tuesday!

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