Friday, December 15, 2017

Let the Holidays begin....

This week at the creek has been filled with performances, holiday activities, sing-a-longs and more.  The students are all excited about the two-week vacation, and I dare say that most of the staff is excited as well.

As we are at the Christmas time of year and the end of 2017, it's time to reflect on what has happened and what we look forward to in 2018.  As Dr. Muri said in his e-mail to the SBISD staff, "On the first day of school, we gazed skyward excitedly to observe the first total solar eclipse across America in nearly a century. Four short days later, we looked skyward once again with worry, having no idea what was about to befall us as Hurricane Harvey headed our way. We also gazed into the sky observing baseballs as our Astros hit home run after home run to win the World Series! Just last week, we delighted in the brief snow shower that left our city glistening in the morning sunlight."  This semester we have seen the RCE community unite together to accomplish great things for the community and for the students.  The holiday season continued with concerts, performances, and our annual sing-a-long as well as the amazing class parties.

A new event this December was Career Day.  A big thank you to the Dads who gave up a day of work to share their careers.  It was an amazing day and I think we have encouraged students to study math and science by having the dads share.  Below are some photos and links to movies from that day.  (Some of the movies will be linked soon - still editing the videos!)

Below are also photos and videos of events around the school this last week......including Stratford Orchestra visit, violin performance, and sing-a-long activities.

Have a very Merry Christmas - enjoy your friends and family - We'll see you back in 2017.

To view movies from the Spirit Rally - click here.   I apologize that the videos are fast, but hopefully, you can see the amazing talent the students have. 

Friday, December 8, 2017

It's beginning to look a LOT like Christmas!

This week has been so busy at the Creek.  Students have been learning, reading, writing, math and doing science experiments.   And what could top off a week in December but SNOW!

Nothing like a "whole school recess" to catch the snow before it melts.

On Friday, fifth grade had Hands-on Science with Mr. Rice.  Thank you so much, Mr. Rice for continuing to return to RCE to teach Hands-on Science.  This week fifth grade tacked a dissection!

Fourth Grade performed The Nutcracker.  Each year the students put a little twist on the program, and this class followed the pattern.  This group of students did an outstanding job!

The performances were magnificent.  The dances we outstanding.  Thank you to the Fine Arts Team and the PTA moms who worked so hard for this production!

The amazing Student Council is putting on the final touches for their holiday project.  They have worked hard and I hope the project is well received!  They are some of the most enthusiastic hardworking students at RCE....and they always have an idea for the next project.  Love these special students!

The whole week was Hour of Code at RCE.  Some of the students took advantage of the programs in the library.  Hopefully, the students enjoyed learning about coding.  If you would like to know more Hour of Code - go to    The app Bloxels allows you to design video games through coding.  I have tons of books in the library on coding as well.  
Here are some photos from our Hour of Code in the library:

Mrs. Hiner's First Grade class had a "Meet the Author" day.  How fun to be able to share your writing with your classmates and family!

Mrs. Smith's PreK class has been passing out JOY!  They are learning about giving instead of receiving...what a good lesson for a PreK child to learn.

In December, the teachers have a door decorating competition.  This year's doors:

Next week will be a fun week - Career Day - Spirit Rally - Class Parties - and----1/2 day on Friday.
It's great to be a Roadrunner!

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